LUMINOSITY: The Kingdom of Light

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The Lucent Lands were once a utopia of peace and power.  Safe behind guarded borders, every creature that came out of the Cave of Creation lived in a haven of prosperity and wealth, provided by the eldest among them, Ahendhal.  The kingdom of The Lucent Lands could not be overcome from beyond its borders, but that was before The Fracture that came from within. The Fracture split more than the kingdom, it divided families.  As brother fought brother, reinforced by the armies of their respective houses, Ahendhal enslaved them both and banished the treacherous brother along with his faction into the lower part of the land which to this day is called the Shadowlands. The Faction War raged on for nearly a century with no end in sight.  Then a new creature came from the Cave of Creation which changed the course of the Faction War. This creature was prized by Ahendhal as the pinnacle of creation, and was prophesied to rule over the factions which enraged Kapshunis, the King of the Shadowlands, and inspired him to changes his tactics to those of vindictiveness and malice toward Ahendhal’s prize.




Luminosity KOH
 There exists an ancient sage, of unknown origin, with the ability to see and hear anyone to the four corners of his kingdom, his name is Ahendhal.  Rightful, and great, leader of the once peaceful Lucent Lands, Ahendhal set the borders of the combined kingdom before any creature was brought forth from the Cave of Creation.  Despite his jealousy and wrath, brought on by The Fracture, Ahendhal provided the territories that each faction occupies, and has allowed them to live there, inspiriting them with undeserved existence.  

Ahendhal possesses an Illuminosity.  He calls it his Essence. It is his. Within The Essence is the power to see, the power to hurt, the power to heal, and the power to joyfully exist beyond the lives of mortal men.  Once upon a time, Ahendhal generously shared The Essence with the entire kingdom, but that was before The Faction Wars; before The Fracture… it was a time of freedom and peace… but that was long ago.

Luminosity KOH Process